What motivates you?

I have always wondered why I don’t do what I want to do even though I know that is what I want. What motivates me to do anything, anyway? I have always wanted to be able to say something in public, something meaningful and eloquent. But, even in the company of my friends, I have […]

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Are food addictions real?

If you’ve never eaten several slices of cake right after dinner or a whole tub of ice cream in minutes or a family-sized bag of chips as an appetizer you might be wondering “ Are food addictions even real?”   Binging on highly palatable foods occasionally would not even raise a single brow on the face

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What do you believe in?

What is a belief and why do beliefs matter? Belief is nothing more than a thought that we keep thinking, whether we are aware of it or not. Why do we keep thinking the same thought at the exclusion of all other thoughts?Because we find evidence of its validity over and over again. When your

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