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Freedom from food addictions, emotional eating and stubborn weight 

It starts with a thought.....

Power of your thoughts

We all know how powerful thoughts can be; we all want to think good empowering thoughts and make healthy choices all the time but very often it does not happen.  

Why is that? 

The answer lies in the subconscious, in the realm of unconscious beliefs and definitions created long time ago but still very much alive. 

Making the unconscious conscious 

Working on habits of action alone will not bring the desired results or they might be short lived.  

Trying to solve the problem only from the level of the conscious rational mind often leads to frustrations and despair. 

  • If you have been struggling to lose weight and nothing ever worked long term
  • If you feel controlled by food and powerless to change
  • If you feel like nothing ever works for you and you are ready to give up trying
  • When stress and overwhelm make you mindlessly binge on unhealthy snacks 
  • When you know that your health and vitality are being effected but you are powerless to stop

Know that there is help

~What if you could permanently overcome your unhealthy eating habits in just 10 weeks?

~What if you could discover what is behind unhealthy habits?

~What if you were able to take control over your cravings and triggers?

~What if you fell in love with your body and treated it with phenomenal care?

~What if you could shed unwanted pounds without strict diets and punishing workouts?

It is not just possible, it is possible for you !
Even if you have tried a lot of other things before and failed!

About Me

My name is Olga Navrotska. 

I am a hypnotherapist and a mindset coach.

My mission and passion is to help women struggling with food addictions, emotional eating and weight loss to feel and look fantastic, to fall in love with their body and be inspired to make healthy food and life choices for themselves.


I am delighted to offer you my program Lighter Heart~Lighter body

A 12-week program designed for healing and transformation of your relationship with food and your body.  It is a journey of exploration and discovery filled with little and big a-ha moments and realizations.

In this program you will 

  • Understand what is behind the stubborn weight or unhealthy eating patterns and how to shift them. 

  • Transform your relationship with food and your body in a natural and organic way without punishing workouts or strict diets. 
  • Shift your mindset to make it easy and pleasurable for you to make healthy choices for yourself. 
  • Re-connect with yourself creating a life long love relationship with yourself and your body. 
  • Learn how to manage difficult emotions and stress, how to deal with triggers, cravings and habits in a natural and mind/body friendly way. 

If you feel inspired, you are welcome to learn about my program “Lighter heart, lighter body  HERE or simply schedule a free discover call 

Areas of service

Weight Loss
Emotional eating
Food Addictions
Eating disorders
Self esteem

Ready for your journey to begin?