What people say

Olga’s gentle demeanour made me feel instantly comfortable. She listened in a heartfelt way and I was able to share my issues with total acceptance. Her calm mellifluous voice was soothing. I went deeply into hypnosis and felt completely relaxed. The recording I received was beautiful. Not only did it focus on the issue but it intuitively included issues I hadn’t mentioned. After listening to the recording I found myself making small, easy changes without effort. A month later I feel more confident, healthier and I am sleeping a bit better. Thank you Olga!
Denise, USA
I came to see Olga for problems I was experiencing with low self esteem and self-sabotaging behaviors. She was incredibly compassionate every step of the way as we gently, yet powerfully worked to fully uncover the root cause of my issues. Her remarkable skills as a RTT practitioner have left a permanent positive impact on so many areas of my life. I will forever be grateful for this transformative experience. 
Jennifer, Wyoming
Olga's hypnotherapy session was exactly what I needed! Not only did she support me in uncovering the root of why I had gained weight, but I deeply appreciated her compassionate and supportive approach! I felt seen and heard by Olga and she took the time to get to know my story and what has occurred in order to provide support and guide me through the healing process. Her kindness and deeply caring ability made me feel safe and that it was a judgement-free zone to share how I was truly feeling.  During the session, Olga also encouraged me to take small steps with my intuitive eating journey. After the session, my cravings towards sweets and fast food shifted as I felt like I had gained a deeper awareness of these habits I allowed. I even began cooking at home more which was something I had no desire to do for MONTHS!  If you feel aligned to work with Olga and experience her support, I highly recommend it! She is someone who knows what it means to hold unconditionally accepting & loving space!" ~Iva
Olga Navrotska, is an amazing RTT therapist.  Her kind, caring, non-judgemental demeanor helped me to feel at ease and in turn, allowed me to easily slip into hypnosis with complete trust in her and her abilities.  Her competency in this technique shines through. Olga guided me through this process with ease, supporting me to find the root cause of my issue and to transform my old beliefs. In doing so, I have made significant improvements in my life.
Mary Pat Hulteng, Sykesville, MD
Olga was an amazing guide for my first RTT journey. She was so gentle, confident and intuitive. I felt so cared for during the session and was surprised at how much I experienced shifts in my mindset around weight and eating. I felt like I was living under a special grace to overcome my daily battles. The recording she created for me was so spot on, evidence that she was so attuned to me during our session.  In honesty, I stopped fully listening to the recording and my progress fell off, initially I had lost about 10 lbs within a few weeks. The key to success I believe is fully committing to immersing into the recording everyday. Essentially, RTT works if you work it!  Thank you so much for your help! I encourage you to try a session with Olga and you will experience healing and transformation!”