More about RTT

Rtt or Rapid Transformational Therapy is a unique method developed by famous hypnotherapist Marisa Peer. It combines hypnotherapy with other special methods for more permanent and lasting change. What is unique about it is that this method goes to the root of the problem using hypnosis, discovering limiting beliefs that were created long time ago and challenging them, reframing the meaning that was attached to them. RTT draws on the principles of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive behavioral therapy, neuroscience, and neuroplasticity to deliver fast, effective, and long-lasting results.

All sessions are done online via zoom where you can enjoy the transformational experience from the comfort of your own home

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Outline of the RTT experience

Step 1

Schedule a free discovery call

During the discovery call you will learn more about Rtt,  see if Rtt is right for you, and get answers to any other questions you might have. 

Step 2

Book your Rtt session and complete the Rtt online intake form

By completing your intake form thoroughly you are able to connect more to what you want to transform in the session. It will allow me to target the session to what your needs are.

Step 3

Enjoy your Rapid Transformation Therapy session from the comfort of your own home

The RTT session lasts about 90-150 min and is as powerful when done online as in a live session.  You will be fully awake and aware during the session engaging in a conversation with me, your therapist.

Step 4

After the session. You will receive your personalized audio recording customized just for you.

Since the mind learns by repetition, the best practice to rewire old beliefs and install the new ones is to listen to the recording for at least 21 days.  During that time, your mind will create new neural pathways to set new beliefs in place.

Step 5

Follow up calls

After the session, we will connect once a week via phone call, e-mail or a zoom call for a total of 3 weeks to have a brief 15 min talk on your progress and any support you need along the way.

Step 6 (optional)

More sessions (optional)

For certain more complex issues we recommend additional RTT sessions. You have an option to purchase an RTT bundle of 2 or 3 RTT sessions from the beginning or purchase them separately later on.  You do get a discount if you purchase a bundle.

Step 7 (optional)

Coaching support

You may decide that you need an additional coaching support after the RTT session/s.

Coaching support helps you move along your transformation journey more smoothly, helping you set new beliefs and behaviors in place with an ongoing support of a transformational coach. 

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Please, note that services provided are non diagnostic, will not treat any medical  or mental condition, and should only be considered as complimentary. Please, consult your health care provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding a condition before booking a session. 

Caution: People with Epilepsy or any person diagnosed as having a psychotic illness should not enter hypnosis. Never enter into a hypnosis or RTT session whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Caution: Never use hypnotherapy products, services or audios whilst driving, operating machinery, or during any task that requires your attention.  Clients should never attempt to enter into an RTT session or hypnosis under the influence of alcohol or drugs, except those prescribed by your General Practitioner or any Doctor you are under the care of. The session will be terminated without any liability to make a refund if the client ignores this instruction.