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All sessions are done online via zoom where you can enjoy the transformational experience from the comfort of your own home. 

  • Tired of obsessing about food? 
  • Frustrated with never-ending dieting?
  • Fed up with constant cravings?
  • Ready to break free?

Lighter heart~Lighter body 12 -week program

An insightful 12- week journey of healing and transformation with guidance and support in


  • Healing your relationship with food and your body.
  • Making the unconscious conscious,  revealing what lies beneath unwanted habits and patterns.
  • Reconnecting with your true power and taking charge of your life
  • Discovering what truly nourishes your body and soul in a healthy and balanced way

No more counting calories and doing punishing workouts!

No more guilt and shame about who you are!

No more hiding your beautiful self and your body behind oversized clothes!

No more pushing your feelings down with food! 

In this program you will

  • Understand what is behind the stubborn weight or unhealthy eating patterns and how to shift them. 
  • Transform your relationship with food and your body in a natural and organic way without punishing workouts or strict diets. 
  • Shift your mindset to make it easy and pleasurable for you to make healthy choices for yourself 
  • Re-connect with yourself creating a life long love relationship with yourself and your body. 
  • Learn how to manage difficult emotions and stress, how to deal with triggers, cravings and habits in a natural and mind/body friendly way. 

This program is for women who are:

  • Ready to take control over their eating habits and well being. 
  • Ready for a deeper dive into their unconscious eating habits and beliefs.
  • Committed to making changes in mindset and practicing mindset changing tools. 

Lighter heart~Lighter body 12 -week program includes:

  • 1 evaluation session to get to know you and your particular challenges. 
  • 3 RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) sessions, 3-4 weeks apart from one another. 

RTT sessions are powerful hypnosis sessions aimed at digging deep into the root causes of the issue using regression to the past.  


Learn more about RTT

  • 3 bespoke transformation audio recordings customized to your particular challenges to rewire old habits and ways of thinking and install new healthy and empowering ones.  1 recording after each RTT session 
  • 3 additional hypnosis audio recordings to strengthen new healthy habits and beliefs even more.
  • 8 mindset coaching sessions designed to help you set new beliefs and behaviors firmly into place.  
  • Unlimited e-mail support 
  • Guidance and support of your hypnotherapist and coach, Olga creating a safe container for you to come and be as you are.  8

This program is so much more than just releasing old habits and patterns. 

 It is about reconnecting with your true self, claiming your power and finally feeling liberated from what has kept you stuck for so long. 

You will never want to look at yourself and your body the same way. 

RTT sessions

Each session is a deep dive into the subconscious,  finding old unhealthy beliefs and challenging them. Each session lasts about 1.5- 2 hours. We will work on these or other issues depending on a situation.

  • reasons for unhealthy relationship with food
  • self confidence and motivation
  • self love and self care

After each Rtt session you will receive a bespoke transformation audio (12- 15 min long) for you to listen to for at least 21 days after the session.  The audio works on the subconscious mind and is tailored to your specific needs and challenges, helping you to rewire old habits and ways of thinking and install new healthy and empowering ones.

More about RTT


Mindset coaching sessions

During the coaching/teaching sessions we work on your motivation, challenges, habits and triggers, ways to boost your self esteem and use your mind to work for you.  Each coaching session lasts about 45-60 min. The sessions are weekly or biweekly by agreement.  

By the end of this program you are not just releasing weight or getting rid of unhealthy habits. 

You are also gaining confidence, self worth and motivation to have the body and life that you want, reconnecting with yourself and becoming more integrated and whole, trusting in your ability to make healthy choices for yourself. 

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Caution: People with Epilepsy or any person diagnosed as having a psychotic illness should not enter hypnosis. Never enter into a hypnosis or RTT session whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Please, note that services provided are non diagnostic, will not treat any medical  or mental conditions, and should only be considered as complimentary. Please, consult your health care provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding a condition before booking a hypnosis session.